Epic Euro tour

Adventures/May 19, 2016

The Professor is off again on an epic Euro tour.  Letters of advance warning have been sent to warn the cosseted inhabitants of Portugal, England and France of his impending arrival and of the potential craic and comedy avalanche he is about to unleash!

The fun starts in the unsuspecting Portuguese town of Santa Maria de Feria, where the Professor will be performing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Imaginarius Festival http://www.imaginarius.pt.

Then off he goes to the lovely folks of Sea Change Arts in Great Yarmouth to meet up with the Jukebox team to have a weeks residency in their newly renovated circus space, the Drillhouse.  Fanzini Productions will be the first company to use the new space, so the smell of fresh paint is expected!  Can’t wait to see how the last stage of show creation will impact on Circus Jukebox, very exciting!

Finally, off to France for 3 weeks of clown with Philippe Gaulier.  In the middle of this time, the Professor will play at the Amiens de la Rue festival http://www.larueestaamiens.com

See you all in July!

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